I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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New post!!! Love the pic too!

Your post is a new one or mine is? XD Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

I just thought Id love to have a dog that resembles Wolf Link. :D

Me too, if i can get a dog in the first place :P

I'm in your blog, sapping your posts.

Wait, what?

Someone is controlling you? :o


Yep, cookies are delicious. What do you like?

Merry Late Christmas!
Nice pic, mind if I have it.
Funny too.
so umm...
how's it going?

Pretty good, i don´t know what to say either xD I don´t mind, its not mine :P

No need to.
Feeling good, you?

Okay, I'll put you down for him.
Just some people on the outskirts of the book, giving their short opinions.
Just extra peoples lines.

muffins, muffins are delicious

They are both delicious xD

Old post is old. Sorry, but I just felt like saying it.

Anyway, I was hoping we could be friends.
My name is Clash. It's nice to meet you. I'm a good friend of Leedove's.
I also have a new-ish post up. Please check it out.
And again, it's nice to meet you. ^-^

I just don´t know what to put for a new post, i need originality >_< . As my Username says, im Lucio, nice to meet you too ^^

No were.
That's okay you can still answer.
Though I erase comments that have the answer on them.

Sure, no problem ;) A question: Why it says emolink´s 99 Userpage in your banner? Seems suspicious o.O

Check out my sister's page.

I granted her a welcome :P Il go to his userpage once in a while.

I'm not done with the post yet.
I'm just doing it bit by bit.
LOL, I promise I won't.

I'm going to be making a new post sometime today. Hope you check it out.

Also, damn, you've got a lot of fucking medals.

Thanks i guess :P But thats less than the middle of points you can get today...

Got what?

...? If its for the medal points thingy, i mean thats the middle you can get now, i mean, 10000 points its the max you can get because there isnt enough games.

Yep, wait was that your answer?

Yes it is! I hope Sera is not a girl. I DONT WANT TO BE ONE IN THE STORY! :( Plz :D

I did.
It's feaking awesome man!
I did, I even went to find the Twilight Realm.
That scene in the wall is creepy and funny.
Me and my sister laugh our butts off.
Dang, that creating group is awesome, they should make another one.
I feel sorry for Link at the ending 3 shows, one of them is the secret scenes.
Thanks for introducing that short for me.
Like I said it's freaking awesome!

The Twilight Realm doesn´t work for me in there :(

You finded all the secret scenes?

And, no problem, if i find another one, i tell you about it :D

Awesome, sorry about that. &gt;_&lt;
It's not hold done &quot;M&quot; and &quot;L&quot; It's &quot;M&quot; and &quot;T&quot; T instead of L :(
No need. :D

LOL :3
Glad I could help!
Did it work?

Yes =D Did you checked to the eeeend of the place? To the Master Sword stand? A OPEN HOLE? :P

Sure thing.
Hey check out my profile pic, that's what I look like now mate.
I will, bring lots of pictures back too!
I'll have some time to talk tomorrow before I leave!

Super Sweet.
Got you in as a winner mate!

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