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When the HUD is shown, there is a little wrench on the side of the Life Bar. That means you can craft something. No supplies you say?

DuDuL responds:

Let's say he could only craft first aid kit :D and didn't know how to make moltovs at that time

While it wasn't that long, the quality of your art

was pretty much the same from the "real deal", so you can't really notice the transition between the series and your own part. Well done there ^^

Complaints? Well, it was too short, and Rarity kinda looked weird when talking the lines you putted on her.

Also, i swear i know you, you're the one who made "Fluttershy finds a TransAm" on Deviantart , right? Yep, Dx11 xD

Hope to see more from you ^_^

Nice story for just a flash movie.

I really liked it, the special effects were very nice, they weren't a cheap flash on the screen or anything. The animations were good, but i have to say that you got kind of lazy at the first chapter, at some parts of it the frames were at like 22 per second, it kinda threw me off of it, but the rest really got me hooked.

Rated 5, in good faith ^_^ By the way, i don't know how to detect good/bad voice acting, so i won't say anything about that xD (No insult to anyone, just the truth)

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That was a really cute artstyle, and i was pleasantly surprised when i saw the Book Store pony from Canterlot!

Here's a few things you could improve on:

• If a different section of the game has the same song than the last one you were in, the song shouldn't start over. I mean the alley where the comic book store is, and the store itself use the same music.

• Spike's fire breathing ability should be able to do it from whatever side he is looking at. The left side is the one he always breathes fire at. Same for gobbling, though you can only do that to the gem on the left.

• As Marcsello pointed out, i had the same opinion about the spawnpoints ^^

I would love if you made something better with the MLP license, and longer!

I came by this game by accident, but i don't regret it one bit. I would love to support you, but i don't have a credit card >_< One bug: On Level 6, with the sidewalk moving iEye's, trying to move through the "ART" stands can get you off the walls, and shot by the whatever tranquilizers.

Thumbs up to your Uncopyright panel.

It's as if Zombies Took my Daughter and Metro: Last Light had a 2D son. I really like it, it's original, fun and (So far) i'm interested in it's story.

One small problem is that i'm in the middle of a conversation and i apparently held Spacebar a bit too long and it skipped a few conversation lines (Guess i was sleepy) . Could you please look into that?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you like the game! :) I could make an option to go backwards in the conversation, if that's what you mean. Anyway, thanks for the review and that nice score :)

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Your inbox is full, i can't send you my message:

Hello, i've never seen you before x3 Nothing, i just moved on, i've been on this site many years ago, but i lost interest, and there's not point to getting more XP points. Also the people i liked just left.

I still remember it...

Good times... and in piano!

LoL, it was like Egoraptor´s song in Compilation 1

But it was good, as this one too! :)

sonicmega responds:

I won't lie, Egoraptor's Acapella Megaman was perhaps the largest source of inspiration for this (as is evident by my OWN attempt at the very same song), but I hope to one day improve my own ability on the subject to a level as respectable as his. It still, however, needs to have that unique twist :3

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You always make Midna look great, I see you put great care in her helmet too. Glad to see you're alright, at least up to 2019. 2022 update?

Not bad, not bad at all! The lighting makes it stand out for me. Good job mang :3

I bothered looking at this because from the thumbnail this didn't look like it was going to be a joke at all, it would of been the stupidest one yet to do it on.

I just don't like that it looks a bit blurry, but i love it other than that.

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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