I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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Look for Audacity.

Be sure to get a cloth to put over the microphone to act as a pop filter, so it doesn't just sound like you're spitting over your microphone.

Pop filter? Thanks for the tip :)

Still come to get XP, huh? Man, I sometimes feel like I've been here too long. To tell you the truth, I came in fourth grade, and I'm going into 8th now. Does time fly or what?

Its the Global Warming! D: By the way... i never heard of it lately. How is it that no one is worried about it right now? Anyway, thanks for the comment xD

Also, no news in the voice acting, i would have to get a new microphone, but i would be embarrased to ask about it =S

Hey again man, its been a while huh. It really is sad that the NG and YT communities have died... I had so much pointless fun talking to everyone. Well, Ive been doing well, how bout you?

Good ^^ How did they die anyways? If you're asking about Leedove, she is still in Facebook =P

Voice acting, huh? I've always wanted to try it. Singing, specifically. Mostly anime openings, because I'm a geek in all. But most of all, I feel like I've grown in my time here. At first, I was here to be here. I loved the fact that I could talk to people who shared my specific interests. But now, I'm here because I can't force myself to leave. Perhaps it's the memories. Or perhaps it's that ACT test I took..ACT! It's screwing with my head man! AC= Over ten +- RCQ!

Did you know that one of those guitar hero mics work, as well? Dunno how the hell it does, but it does. You'd have to look that one up yourself, bro.

Im too lazy to look for a working, good mic really >_< And the embarrased thing too.

I had Guitar Hero, no mic though. Thanks anyways :)

You're welcome. If you do end up voice acting, what type of voice acting will you do? Will it be like anime or something? Short flash? Stuff on NG?

Why are you asking? You plan on making a flash ;3? As long as i like it, it could be anything. Leave the porn out though xD

Nope. I'd love to, but I don't have the tools. Just curious. Mmm, porn. xD Jk, jk.