I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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weel i´m not profesional but i can kill you in zelda kos is the best of all times lika majoras Mask But i love Ocarina everi time yeeea it roks

I still have Ocarina Of time :P

But Zelda games never haved multiplayer, except Four swords...

Been through HL2: E2 yet? If not, play it. It's AWESOME!

Yep, i played it, but the ending killed me.

I like almost all the games there is. But I hate sports, halo, and half-life games.
But zelda is one of favs, next to disgaea, and MGS games.

How are you.
i see that your a Zelda fan too.
i'm a huge fan.

Im good here! :) Im a fan too, but i don´t like it to be the only thing i like :D

Same I don't do flash but maybe one day it will happen also I'm kinda lazy to start as well lol.

I used to be a big fan of Resident Evil but now i was introduced to the Zelda series.

ZELDA and HALF-LIFE (both the first and the second) OWN!

Oh me neither.
It's just my favortie out of many thangs I'm a fan of.

What thing? Zelda? :/

A<a href="http://www..">www..</a>.
Love the wold pic, it's so cuuuutttteeeee.
Happy Madness DAy!

Thanks! Happy Madness Day! :)

You could take some flash classes dude! they're getting really popular and teach you the basics! give it a try, who knows what'll happen

I will try some if i can, i get to the "collection" but theres so many of them...

i cried at the end of hl2 e2

Just don´t spoil it to anyone :)

Oh my god, i think i love you.

Why you say that? :o

It's been a while hasn't it?
Truly sorry.
Anyway, what's up?

Hi again! :) How´s your story going? :P It will be large?

It's going great.
The new section is coming out next Saturday, very soon.

Good, i haved ANOTHER test the past week, i got a Eight :D

I'm Warboy1945 (Shut up, I know its a bad name)
I played Video games since age 8, I'm a fan of Resident Evil and Legend of Zelda as well, I also am a fan of Super Smash Bros, and House of the Dead fan (I mean the game) and also I think you need to change your post, too old

I know, but i don´t know what to put. And your name isn´t bad, look at mine, thats originality? I like Super Smash Bros too, but i don´t have a Wii or a Gamecube so i can´t play :(

I hope you at least have an N64

HAVED one... my brother gave it to a friend, wihout telling me neither...

ive beat resident evil 4 big time.

Dude that sucks, an N64 still has some great games like Ocarina of TIme!

I only played that one and Majora´s Mask, i can´t call myself a Zelda fan because of that... :(

Jess man!
You get test for every class period?
That sucks.
Well, just hold tight, it'll all work out eventually.
I responded to your comment.
I needed you to answer a few questions.
You mined?

I didn´t see, i will see :D I don´t have a test for this week, i think...

Good, I hope you didn't.
I think your school has to many tests to take.
So how are you?
Responded to your comment on my page by the way.

THIS IS DANICOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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