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Random Post!

Posted by Lucio1995 - March 19th, 2010

Hellou all, sorry i hadn't posted for a while, don't have any reasons to post something, but well some people ask "Why don't you make a new post?" Well here it is =P

Random thing too: I reviewed a flash long ago, called "Zelda's Quest", the flash itself was awesome, (At least for me :P) and the author (Khawner) was kind before, but the guy gone to the "Dark side" and putted random spam on the author's comments, changed the name to "Worst Fuc*in' Movie Ever", changed the "suggested" age for watching (Adult) and he is a ass to everyone now. Though, the flash remains intact, its still fun to watch.


Random Zelda picture, tradition in the other posts.

(http://timon1771.deviantart.com/art/M idna-s-Halloween-141924145)

Random Post!


Ah, Ive seen that. Its hilarious!!! Yay. Guess whut? Im ungrounded! :D

Phew! Anything on special they did it? O.o

Damn. What an ass. o-o

"That's what she said!"

You liked the flash? =P

Who would have thought that Link's hat would be perfect for storing candies. I want some of those candies, but I doubt she'd share.

I wonder how she got it out of Link. I doubt that too =| Il get you some for Halloween though! Don't worry!

Lol. You got me. xD Anyways, yeah, I liked the flash.

Awright =P , just asking, know what happened to Leedove again? =|

Nup. I'm pretty sure bacon is best. :D

And no, I'm afraid I don't know. Maybe she's just left us my friend. Sometimes you have to deal.

Yeah, shucks to happen, though that already happened before ._.

Who knows, she may come back. :P

HAI. Im back, for reals this time(at least till summer's over). So whats up? It doesnt seem anybody has really done anything rescently.

So whats up?

Lol, I didnt mean to ask whats up twice. :P

xD, No problem. How are you doin'? You finally got ungrounded. What are your plans for the summer?

Also, im good, with school, with family, everything xD

I heard that game was really cool. Yeah I wanted for Christmas, but I held myself to only having a certain amount of games. So I didn't put it down. Sad panda. :(

Wow. That's cheep. 0.0

I'm probably going to be gone for long periods of time. I was moving and my grandfather died last year. So along with high school, it's been rough.

Merry Late christmas. And let me say: IM BACK BABY!