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To DJDarkDash

2017-05-01 17:27:11 by Lucio1995

Hello, i've never seen you before x3 Nothing, i just moved on, i've been on this site many years ago, but i lost interest, and there's not point to getting more XP points. Also the people i liked just left.

That's the message i wanted to send you but your inbox was full ^^

11th Annual Post

2017-04-24 22:17:24 by Lucio1995

Hello. Yeah this site is dead for me.

10th Annual Post

2016-02-17 22:18:03 by Lucio1995

Wow, 10th! I was wondering if i had already made a post for this year for a few seconds. Time flies by the older you get, apparently. Quite depressing.

9th Yearly Post

2015-07-31 20:13:32 by Lucio1995

Hello! I'm still alive, if you care!

8th Yearly Post

2014-07-09 16:03:52 by Lucio1995


EDIT: August 9th, i'm gonna stop getting experience on the site. Prizes (Almost all of them) have been removed, and there is really no purpose for me to get them. See you all, whoever is still reading this x3 I'm more active on DeviantArt and/or Youtube, if you care.

7th Yearly Post

2013-07-24 10:42:37 by Lucio1995

And shish. I seriously just build the XP now, i don't touch the site otherwise.

5th Post, Annual

2012-06-08 13:40:43 by Lucio1995

Still here, even though i haven't gotten excited to get the Voice Acting going, i've gotten into drawing stuff. Primarily Spike from that show some people hate and some people love. I've made a DeviantArt account which in you can see the stuff that i've drawn, starting from last year:

Also have a Youtube Account, from longer ago:

As my description says, i am still here, checking for XP, and it is me who checks it everyday :3

Oh, almost forgot about the Zelda picture: -howl?context=ratings:etma.user:2946285.scouted:

5th Post, Annual

Yet another annual post, and questions about Voice Acting.

2011-03-09 17:50:46 by Lucio1995

Well, here it is. SPAM COMMENTS. (No Ad comments please)

The reason i made this post was because i wanted to ask about something, since i want to do something in this website related to flashes. (If you readed the title you would know by now :3)

I want to voice-act in something, but i don't really know what is needed to do it. I know a role, and microphone is needed. But how do i record it, save it and give it to the author that needs it? And if i ever get that, i will be available ^_^

Thanks for reading, please help me with that T_T And if my voice is a shame to the world, i will keep it away from everyone :D

New Picture below, found in Kotaku: elda-of-your-dreams/gallery/ (Done in Garrysmod)

Yet another annual post, and questions about Voice Acting.

Random Post!

2010-03-19 18:31:20 by Lucio1995

Hellou all, sorry i hadn't posted for a while, don't have any reasons to post something, but well some people ask "Why don't you make a new post?" Well here it is =P

Random thing too: I reviewed a flash long ago, called "Zelda's Quest", the flash itself was awesome, (At least for me :P) and the author (Khawner) was kind before, but the guy gone to the "Dark side" and putted random spam on the author's comments, changed the name to "Worst Fuc*in' Movie Ever", changed the "suggested" age for watching (Adult) and he is a ass to everyone now. Though, the flash remains intact, its still fun to watch.

Random Zelda picture, tradition in the other posts.

( idna-s-Halloween-141924145)

Random Post!

Merry Christmas!

2008-12-22 09:37:47 by Lucio1995

Finally i got a reason to do a new News Post, how been your Christmas going? I know it isnĀ“t still 25 of December, but want to know how are you for this time :) What are your presents going to be? Merry Christmas all! :D

EDIT: I got a Christmas Gift from this Site, Bronze Whistle! :D

(By the way, the Picture is called Wolf Link Chaos X-mas By: Humanoid Magpie)

Merry Christmas!