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It's as if Zombies Took my Daughter and Metro: Last Light had a 2D son. I really like it, it's original, fun and (So far) i'm interested in it's story.

One small problem is that i'm in the middle of a conversation and i apparently held Spacebar a bit too long and it skipped a few conversation lines (Guess i was sleepy) . Could you please look into that?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you like the game! :) I could make an option to go backwards in the conversation, if that's what you mean. Anyway, thanks for the review and that nice score :)

Sorry, but it needs a lot more options :S

Im a fan of DSP and Rambo, truth be told, but it needs a lot more options and better sound quality, but that can't really be fixed though. Also nice menus for these options. I can't really rate it high, its a soundboard. You get a bonus for not being an earrape animation though :3

yak99 responds:

yeah definitely but remember this just the beta i put this one of to get more suggestions on what other options i should add, but thx for the shitty score anyways asshole jk.

I didnt find any bugs, and i explored every bit...

...of it.

I love your animation style, (Note, STYLE) , though you should start to improve with the characters, start to draw more than sticks and a head on them.

The rest wasn't anything that could of been better, except for the fact that isn't too much of a game, it should of had more interactive parts, since you came up with that, but if that happened, the "Lots of Effort" Medal would of been way harder. =P

Very original with the PW part, suprised to see Phoenix still has his worked up hairstyle even on his stick version.

Hope to see more of your animations, they are a lot of fun to watch/play.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Nice review! I have many non-stick movies planned for the future, including a series :) But I feel that this series fits well as a stick figure. I realize it was still not very interactive, but I could've gone either way with the category.
Thanks again for the nice review!

casey maybe was referring to the Whale-Escape...

part. Use up to jump (From rocks and to get the fruit) and down to crouch (Avoiding pointy ices from the ceiling)

It was good, cute pinguin, nice changes between levels, i just wish it was longer... 2nd part for next Christmas? :)

And yes, responding to your 8th paragraph, yes, i want 2nd part =D

OctoFlash responds:

:D thanks man! i really don't know if i'll make the second part although i've already made up a really great story... at first i decided not to make a second part for next xmas but since i recently got my new tablet, i'll think about it again.. :]

Tooooooo short...

I didn´t realized that i can use my Sword until i pressed Ctrl, you should put Instructions... what is the use for rupees? Why is Volvagia so easy? I mean really... facing a badass Fire Dragon coming towards you, but you just shove your sword on his face and... that´s it.

I would like to see a Full version, but, make it longer, not so easy, a use for rupees, Health, and a chance to use your shield.

By the way, theres a glitch with the platforms, if you can´t get into it, somehow Link gets "in" it, and with the hole in Volvagia battle, you can walk into the wall on there and you get on it.

robocopisback responds:

Ha-ha-ha!!! I know... The new version has 10 parts to each level.

Kind of game i was hoping for :D

Really good game but i founded 2 glitches...

Not exactly a glitch, but the jump button doesn´t work, Space, isn´t it?

And i was at the Police HQ, and i hired Louis, but when it got hard, i hired Ivy, but when the level started, she got stuck... when i said to her "Follow" she just moved the feet but not moving, for Louis it keeped the same...

Anyways good game :D

toge-games responds:

Updated to ver 1.2 - waiting approval by NG staff

Amazing! Just that its too short...

You should do a Part 2 with all the previous enemies, but i mean including the 2 special enemies (The warrior and the Dodges Headshots Guy) a little more... they just appeared one time =\

Loved the game, loled at the end :P

xLite responds:

Thanks for the mention. I'll write it down.

Where you can find hearts? On my first...

playthrough, i founded them on every Pokemon i killed, but on the others i didn´t founded anyone... not even on any bush... (Sorry if i spell it wrong :P)

By the way, when i was on Sonic, you have to get to the door of your house (The one with the sword it is?) or ENTER to it then go to Sonic again?

Good game anyways, all you have to add is some checkpoints :-\

ThinXIII responds:

Yeah the hearts randomly appear only after killing enemies, they cannot be found in the bush.

In the sonic quest, just get to the door of the house and back to sonic to complete the quest. :)

When he FINALLY got into the Bank, he got caught..

I first choosed the Disguise one, i don´t knowed that one was the end :P I liked the
Explosion one more, that´s bad luck...

By the way, what is a Bank doing in the Desert?

PuffballsUnited responds:

The desert is an isolated area, far away and secluded.

Nice game! I only played Ocarina of Time and...

Majora´s Mask, but i haved luck and i answer them all most good. By the way, what´s the name of the song?

liable-to-explode responds:

the name of the song?
well, go to ZREOmusic to find it.. i forgot.

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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