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That was a really cute artstyle, and i was pleasantly surprised when i saw the Book Store pony from Canterlot!

Here's a few things you could improve on:

• If a different section of the game has the same song than the last one you were in, the song shouldn't start over. I mean the alley where the comic book store is, and the store itself use the same music.

• Spike's fire breathing ability should be able to do it from whatever side he is looking at. The left side is the one he always breathes fire at. Same for gobbling, though you can only do that to the gem on the left.

• As Marcsello pointed out, i had the same opinion about the spawnpoints ^^

I would love if you made something better with the MLP license, and longer!

I came by this game by accident, but i don't regret it one bit. I would love to support you, but i don't have a credit card >_< One bug: On Level 6, with the sidewalk moving iEye's, trying to move through the "ART" stands can get you off the walls, and shot by the whatever tranquilizers.

Thumbs up to your Uncopyright panel.

It's as if Zombies Took my Daughter and Metro: Last Light had a 2D son. I really like it, it's original, fun and (So far) i'm interested in it's story.

One small problem is that i'm in the middle of a conversation and i apparently held Spacebar a bit too long and it skipped a few conversation lines (Guess i was sleepy) . Could you please look into that?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you like the game! :) I could make an option to go backwards in the conversation, if that's what you mean. Anyway, thanks for the review and that nice score :)

Haven't beaten the Story Mode, but i'm loving it. A suggestion though, could you please add a "Expand" feature for the screen? Full Screen, even on Low Quality, tends to lag a lot, i actually have a pretty good computer (Not to sound arrogant) , but the screen being so small without FS on, it hurts my eyes after a while.

Please add that, and thank you for making a great game!


I loved the story, i regret finding out on the reviews. ( It isn't exactly gameplay based, you can only move and interact with objects, but it actually involves some clever puzzle solving or running TFO of somewhere, but it's story is what keeps you going on.

The graphics are nice, it's good for a second playthrough, varies things a little bit, but may i add, it makes it a lot creepier. Even though there aren't in the game, just text (Like it should be) , i noticed that you actually took the personalities of the characters (The ones from the show of course) , Zecora talks with her characteristic rhymes, and Applebloom gives her quick speeches about the day she's had.

I loved this game, i feel bad for it being so short, i want more. Also, one question. What the hell was Applebloom doing in the outskirts of Ponyville to begin with?

Sorry, but it needs a lot more options :S

Im a fan of DSP and Rambo, truth be told, but it needs a lot more options and better sound quality, but that can't really be fixed though. Also nice menus for these options. I can't really rate it high, its a soundboard. You get a bonus for not being an earrape animation though :3

yak99 responds:

yeah definitely but remember this just the beta i put this one of to get more suggestions on what other options i should add, but thx for the shitty score anyways asshole jk.

I really liked this game, its variety and its...

references to other videogame titles. While there's no bugs, theres stuff that should be considered looking at:

* I found a Armor Piercing Gun, bought ammo for the next level, then played the level. I search a container, and it says "Machine Gun" or "Shotgun" i get the weapon before i can run away from it. Why would i want a default weapon when i have something better? There should be an "Use" button for containers after you search them, or weapon switching keys.

* Survivors get spawned from the beggining of the level. This means that i don't have unlimited time to get to their "Screen" and save them, so i can't search anything until i get those people. I thought this was okay, but in the next level i skip all containers, and then i get to the boss and there wasn't any survivors! And of course the boss beated my ass and i couldn't find anything.

And one question: Is there a way to get your "Pal" back once he dies? Or make someone else your Pal? I felt lonely ._. And i want my money bonus =P

Its an obvious copy of "More Zombies"

The game is good, the graphics look nice, the gameplay isn't bad, even if its copied, haven't finished the game yet though, i got bored at the second level. Sorry, but after playing "More Zombies" more times than i can count, i didn't really feel like playing this game too much.

I actually expected a crappy game, judging by...

...the name, but i should of realized that this game is at the height of a B+ Zombie Movie. Loved its gameplay, though the graphics are not really good when looking to the distance.

I got 2 suggestions though:

1) You should be able to learn some stuff In-Game, not when you start from a part you left on. Like with the Helicopter, first time i encountered it, i thought i just had to drive to the sides, and doing that got me killed like if i hadn't done anything. Then when i restart, it says how you can defeat a Helicopter! That got me pissed.

2) You should balance the presence of Water Jugs, sometimes 5 appear at the start of a stage, but when i actually need them, they just won't show up again.

Apart from that, its a great game, i got impressed when i got to play it.

Let me guess, you have ads for Dead Frontier...

brcause you used their zombie models?

Anyway, i liked the game, though it gets repetitive after a while, the weapons and the shortness of it keep it fresh enough to be able to finish it. Also, what an amount of bad luck this guy has o.O

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