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When the HUD is shown, there is a little wrench on the side of the Life Bar. That means you can craft something. No supplies you say?

DuDuL responds:

Let's say he could only craft first aid kit :D and didn't know how to make moltovs at that time



Epic finale, a freaking original story. Too bad its over though ._.

Got some questions though:

- How did Wesker's virus evolutionate that fast?

- How did the bomb not kill Chris?

- How can a ladder support 3 people at the same time?

- Even if Chris would of managed to not get the Magnum catched by Wesker, wouldn't he of dodged those bullets after 20 shots tried to land on his face?

- Why its 23 MB though its so short? (Maybe Special Effects of epicness? :D)

Anyone wondering about the Easter Egg, press the middle finger at the right of "Result" after the credits.

I love Gonzossm's art <3

Congrats everyone, hope you get together sometime again for Resident Evil Pwanchi 2/3/4/5/?

cyotecody555 responds:

1. Coz hes aweesum :D
2. Cus Chris is made of Chocolate
3. It's a very magical ladder (It managed to bend like rubber, then harden)
4. Probably, but Christopher isn't very clever
5. I'm unsure about that one mmm, I tried many experiments to identify the reason why the MB was so high and taking out both the music and Imaged backgrounds dropped off a MB or two from each scene. (There's 5 of em)

By the way, the easter egg ain't a finger xD it's Barry's Italian Sub :3

Anyhoo glad you liked :D

Finally someone who gets the sounds right!

I gotta say, the animation is fluid, well drawn, and you got all the details of the survivors (Also The Passing map itself) , that's what i call dedicated!

I got a question for you, can i upload a part of the video to YouTube? More specifically, the part where Ellis talks and gets punched in the face by the Tank?

Falconer02 responds:

Hey thanks! PM me about the video though.

I instantly watch any zombie related flash:

Well, for the story, pretty much what can happen in a Zombie Apocalypse, except that they got to "safety" too fast, would of liked some parodies on a Mushroom Kingdom Supermarket, to get some supplies, for example.

For graphics, well, its a SPRITE MOVIE. So it doesn't matter. Though when they were outside the safehouse and walking to the plane, the sprites looked weird when walking, like with Bowser, he was moonwalking. By the way, something that isn't really an issue, you should of maked the character been more noticeable when talking, you can barely see their mouths move. Maybe for the color of them.

Also some subtitles would of been nice. I can't really understand what they were saying at times =|

(BTW, it didn't lag for me, just turned down the quality)

Still, expect to see more. :3

MurderMysteryMan responds:

Okay. Thank you for your critique. :)

That Spider seems familiar... isn't it a boss...

from Metroid Fusion? I thought the dolls were the voodoo Sprite was talking about on Part 4, but they don't seem like them... who did craft them anyway? xD

I gotta say, well done sir, when is next part going to come out? Don't wanna pressure you though.


Emptygoddess responds:

Yes. It's te spider boss from metroid fusion.

And they sell a link plushy. Though as far as i know only a plushy of 'cartoon' link. Still adorable, huggable, and collectable.


I loved the movie, better than the first part :D Too bad that Rostello died. I thought that Captain Rhodes was a bad guy, (The only military guy in the movie) but he just killed him for a mistake. I hope theres a third part next year. Don't want to pressure you though, you deserve some rest.

I finded a glitch though, i wanted to press Right Click and "Play" to stop the movie so i could see some easter eggs, but after the survivors get to the room with the bear traps, i press "Play" and it sends me back to the beggining. It already happened 2 times :|

Also, what did happened to the helicopter? It received the signal, but the boat came from nowhere and rescued them instead.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

That wasn't a glitch. A few scenes were put in movie clips because I had hit the frame limit. That's normal. Helicopter guy could see from the distance that a good amount of zombies were on that island, and he left.

Bowser wanted to corrupt Bowser. Jr?

Luigi should used the guns :| Or Bowser to corrupt the children! But a jump works either way.

Through the humor is as good as your other flashes, i think you should start in actual flash, but that's your choice.

(Also, what does Hokey Pokey mean?)

Bomber109 responds:

My games are actual flash (working on one right now), movies are sprites. lol.

You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about!

What´s up with the ending? :P

I was like "Poor guy... =( " Then when they started dancing i really Lol'd, really good, for a Madness, Pixels are new, imagine a Madness game on the NES, that would be awesome.

I hope theres a sequel! :D

M4KBOT responds:

Thanks, I started making Madness Pixelation 1.5 a little while ago, but seeing as everyone hated my Portal of Madness submission (which had the Madness characters in pixels also) I've put the production on halt for Madness Pixelation at the moment.

Liked it all, watched the Story of Link too...

Just that it needs better voices... i mean, the microphone... i hope they get better on the next one :D If you can´t make them better for the next, at least put subtitles :\

Awesome anyways! :D

madarkwasp responds:

Thank you for the review! I'll try to buy a new microphone soon enough, just need to pay off some other bills...blegh. There may actually be 2 more before I stop making these, I can only milk it for so long!

Mothula was really easy...

Good "spriting" and Voice Acting, but its strange of Link talking...

Just got 2 questions:

- Mathew did the 2 Voices?
- Why Dark Link said: WE are finally going to win Link, we finally are! If he mean Ganon and Dark Link, sorry then, it got mix up ^_^

Hiyoko responds:

Yes, Mathew did the voices.. And who do you mean with the second question?

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