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When the HUD is shown, there is a little wrench on the side of the Life Bar. That means you can craft something. No supplies you say?

DuDuL responds:

Let's say he could only craft first aid kit :D and didn't know how to make moltovs at that time

Just asking, is Trixie's hat changing color when you click it intended?

Mittsies responds:


While it wasn't that long, the quality of your art

was pretty much the same from the "real deal", so you can't really notice the transition between the series and your own part. Well done there ^^

Complaints? Well, it was too short, and Rarity kinda looked weird when talking the lines you putted on her.

Also, i swear i know you, you're the one who made "Fluttershy finds a TransAm" on Deviantart , right? Yep, Dx11 xD

Hope to see more from you ^_^

Nice story for just a flash movie.

I really liked it, the special effects were very nice, they weren't a cheap flash on the screen or anything. The animations were good, but i have to say that you got kind of lazy at the first chapter, at some parts of it the frames were at like 22 per second, it kinda threw me off of it, but the rest really got me hooked.

Rated 5, in good faith ^_^ By the way, i don't know how to detect good/bad voice acting, so i won't say anything about that xD (No insult to anyone, just the truth)

I saw Derpy Hooves!

Even though i thought it was funny enough, had a nice plot, for a change, and it followed the boss battle's stages (Didn't expect that) , its graphics could of have been polished a bit, mostly on the knights, and the text in the signs. Anyways, nicely done sir, hope to see a Part 2, if there will be ^_^

Just before the flash ends, the screen flashes...

a little bit, look at Missing No. and you can see a ghost. From the Lavender Town music, and how the ghost looks like, maybe theres gonna be a sequel with the Pokemon "Black" hack? Search that up if you don't know xD

Well, the flash itself was pretty good. The Pokemon cautivated me on how cute it was xD It was short in my opinion, though it was worth every second of it. Make a sequel please! And... now that i think about it, shouldn't be about the ghost. Remember how that story turned out in the end...

Who cares if its not original >_<

Very well done, it just needs more frames on certain parts, like the beggining with Leo entering the dungeon, but its well drawn, wish i could draw like that. A question about the Voice actors, did they come from the VG Cats Adaptation with No Name? They all sound familiar to me.

Keep doing those, hope they all come out right.

Amy didn't notice Sonic was fapping at her side?

(SPOILERS, if you didn't realize by the title)

Though all of the animation was amazing, the drawing in Boktai's scene just blew me away, Audrey needs to work somewhere! (If he/she doesn't already)

Also, GG-Guys cameo? :3

Is there any Easter Eggs in the movie? When "Sonic's Dark Secret" scene appears, that Click Here made me think that... maybe it was just an ad though.

I don't really know what to say, this was amazing, hope it gets nominated for flash of the year :D



Epic finale, a freaking original story. Too bad its over though ._.

Got some questions though:

- How did Wesker's virus evolutionate that fast?

- How did the bomb not kill Chris?

- How can a ladder support 3 people at the same time?

- Even if Chris would of managed to not get the Magnum catched by Wesker, wouldn't he of dodged those bullets after 20 shots tried to land on his face?

- Why its 23 MB though its so short? (Maybe Special Effects of epicness? :D)

Anyone wondering about the Easter Egg, press the middle finger at the right of "Result" after the credits.

I love Gonzossm's art <3

Congrats everyone, hope you get together sometime again for Resident Evil Pwanchi 2/3/4/5/?

cyotecody555 responds:

1. Coz hes aweesum :D
2. Cus Chris is made of Chocolate
3. It's a very magical ladder (It managed to bend like rubber, then harden)
4. Probably, but Christopher isn't very clever
5. I'm unsure about that one mmm, I tried many experiments to identify the reason why the MB was so high and taking out both the music and Imaged backgrounds dropped off a MB or two from each scene. (There's 5 of em)

By the way, the easter egg ain't a finger xD it's Barry's Italian Sub :3

Anyhoo glad you liked :D

Finally someone who gets the sounds right!

I gotta say, the animation is fluid, well drawn, and you got all the details of the survivors (Also The Passing map itself) , that's what i call dedicated!

I got a question for you, can i upload a part of the video to YouTube? More specifically, the part where Ellis talks and gets punched in the face by the Tank?

Falconer02 responds:

Hey thanks! PM me about the video though.

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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