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That Spider seems familiar... isn't it a boss...

from Metroid Fusion? I thought the dolls were the voodoo Sprite was talking about on Part 4, but they don't seem like them... who did craft them anyway? xD

I gotta say, well done sir, when is next part going to come out? Don't wanna pressure you though.


Emptygoddess responds:

Yes. It's te spider boss from metroid fusion.

And they sell a link plushy. Though as far as i know only a plushy of 'cartoon' link. Still adorable, huggable, and collectable.

"RELOADING!" Just asking, why does Bill say Zoey?

I gotta say, it was too short, but not to blame that, its from a YouTube video. The simple animation and the black background gave it style, dim the lights and see it.

Also, what did Bill do when he said Zoey the second time? He was humping the air?


I loved the movie, better than the first part :D Too bad that Rostello died. I thought that Captain Rhodes was a bad guy, (The only military guy in the movie) but he just killed him for a mistake. I hope theres a third part next year. Don't want to pressure you though, you deserve some rest.

I finded a glitch though, i wanted to press Right Click and "Play" to stop the movie so i could see some easter eggs, but after the survivors get to the room with the bear traps, i press "Play" and it sends me back to the beggining. It already happened 2 times :|

Also, what did happened to the helicopter? It received the signal, but the boat came from nowhere and rescued them instead.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

That wasn't a glitch. A few scenes were put in movie clips because I had hit the frame limit. That's normal. Helicopter guy could see from the distance that a good amount of zombies were on that island, and he left.

Well the humor was kinda bland at times, but the..

voices were really like their characters. I founded one problem though, i thought i readed "enemies" instead of sentries at the 180.09 tune, so i moved back one tune, and moved back to 09. But when i putted it back, it went to 07 instead of 08. (I think you understand >_<)

Im not rating this a 9 for the problem, only the humor.

(SPOILERS) The fight caught me off guard...

...Link's arm got cutted off? I thought that was the ending! Also it was the fact that he lost the fight, but it made it way more realistic, he is not the invincible hero, he needs to become one. The problem now, is where he is going to search his answers? Only time will.

The only flaws i can find about this episode was the voice acting, and the strangeness of the fight, where did Link learned to spit fire? (I don't remember the other episodes, you kinda forget seeing one episode each a year >_< ) It would made more sense if it was from somewhere else, like the sword. (END SPOILERS)

Well those are my opinions, i wonder where the next episode takes on.

Bowser wanted to corrupt Bowser. Jr?

Luigi should used the guns :| Or Bowser to corrupt the children! But a jump works either way.

Through the humor is as good as your other flashes, i think you should start in actual flash, but that's your choice.

(Also, what does Hokey Pokey mean?)

Bomber109 responds:

My games are actual flash (working on one right now), movies are sprites. lol.

You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around, that's what it's all about!

Some parts were bland... with cock jokes?

Really, they ruin every possible flash, unless its a whole adult collab. But it was good nonetheless! Kudos to the Credits Author!

Hearts location:

Scene 3:

When the leaf is crying, look to its left.

Scene 5:

After the dream starts, look to the right, down the little mountain.

Scene 9:

At the very beggining look at the opened door.

Scene 13:

Look at the bush at the right of Link.

(Also i can´t get the Twilight Realm to work, fix please?)

Awful? What are you talking about?

It was perfect! The animation was pretty good, i was suprised that i didn´t have any lag at the last scene, very long, and it was entertaining enough to watch all of it.

2 questions: (WARNING SPOILERS)

Do the classmates really have that amount of guns? xD
How did the teacher turned into a zombie? Jebus appeared mysteriously?

For a normal flash, i would give you a 6, for a...

Lipsyncing animation i give you a 9 :D

Only flaws:

T?????a looking at me is kind of creepy ._. (Look at those eyes)

Lipsycing wasn´t perfect, but it was good :) (I rated you a nine because of this, ignore the other sentence)

Keep practicing!

Tricky was the one that keeped reviving Hank?

But Tricky is dead... so Hank can finally rest in peace? He just wanted to kill the Sheriff and now he got in a mess.

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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