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Nice one, but why the Goron didn´t talked when...

the Guards did after Link ended talking? (You understand, right?) I don´t really know what the old part haved of bad, im watching it now :)

If i own a Liquor Store, im going to do that

This IS a true story? I mean really... is he really THAT dumb? The only flaw i got that the one selling isn´t a woman... (Read the description at the beggining of the Animation)

He got owned in the worst way of a Mario Game....

But Luigi haved one Life-Up Mushroom, he should still be alive...

By the way, is Outtake 3 a parody of Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom? :)

hrechkaness responds:

yeah he also had star power and flower power which if he got hit shoulda only shrunk him :P But thats just not as funny as luigi dieing and i sorta explained about that in the authors comments :P YOUR DAMN RIGHT the third outake was from rise of the mushroom kingdom lol i wasn't sure if anyone was gonna get that scene or not :D thx for the review really enjoyed it :D

Not so much of a SECRET lair...


Thanks for the subtitles, i understanded every word of it. :)

Zanta will be back for the next Christmas? Where did he came from... maybe from South Pole :o Just i dont liked when Santa got shot, a little stupid difference...

By the way, who singed the rap at the end? :D

eddsworld responds:

The backing music was by DJ Fabloon, featuring Tom as the.. rap.. guy

When are you going to put Part 2?

Poor Ganondorf, but can´t he kidnap another girl? He will never learn... he should just stick to rule the world :D

I knowed that he shit himself, but i looked...

first at the door, then realized that he wouldn´t stop anyway if one broke in the house :P And, if the Toad gave Peach the toilet paper, he should opened the door o.O Maybe he put the Paper in the keyhole :P

Bomber109 responds:

Bidoof, who personally hand drew that castle, allowed no means as to animate it opening. Plus, it would be nasty, so let's go with the key hole thing.

Is a movie... a Flash movie! You guys put a lot...

of effort into it, the duration is high for a animation, and the humor was the same as before, just, (SPOILERS) who thinked that Steve was going to be so Inteligent, he drinked some Energy Drink or what? :P

Fucking Pancakes are tiny...

All that for Tiny Pancakes? And he doesn´t still get a big one! D: I liked how you drawed the characters, the movements are fluid, and a lot of swears words! Well, im just joking at that part. :P By the way, how much time you taked to make the animation? I mean, from right when you finished the script.

You got a random mind for this scripts...

Poor WoodMan, he makes his best to help Dr.Wily...

Just why WoodMan keep opening his mouth (Of course like talking) when Dr.Wily was saying "I must been high when i made him"? (That part was the best, by the way)

I liked it, the choosing of 2 endings, but why...

Mario just walked in there like he is flying in the air? That´s strange... but it was good, i hope you make more submissions like this! But, make them more long ;)

BTW, what book was the Yoshi reading?

Bomber109 responds:

Thanks a lot.

It was to show that Mario won the competition, because apparently he can flutter.

And he was reading Twilight, lol.

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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