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It was long, and funny, but i don´t understanded..

Why they couldn´t get into that elevator with the zombie, they just killed him and they go in!

One more question, where i can find previous episodes? :D

drcricket45 responds:

alright. what you do is you look for "related submission", click on "choose below" under jailon thomas and you should find episodes for the sonic show.

Great Mario Pawody

What was Mario doing in the street by the way? :o

Hope Mario never really dies in the VG industry :D

Kyaztro responds:

Yeah, he should have stuck to the brick ground

Very good i must say, but only one thing...

Why they sayed "Its time to kill Big Red" they sayed that like is a thing of every day, its a little difficult to kill him, really... what about killing a Green Longarm? Maybe in another part :)

lordtac1 responds:

because they are "Hunting" big red... he says it in a determined manner to indicate that they won't stop till they do.

You know... for the LOLZ :D

It was very good, your art changed, or they are from Zekey? Anyway, it haved its own comedy, but its all true through, i heard that someone hacked it and now it can´t be turned for 10 years O.o, but i don´t really know, anyway its the Greatest Flash Ever i seen this week! :D

Good i must say :D Is long, funny, and true.

I was asking too, i saved the Deku Tree but he is going to be dead anyway? Why i did that? Maybe only for the stone, but, who knows :P Funny Navi face by the way :D

I was wondering when someone was going...

to parody BioShock as Egoraptor, great work! :)

*SPOILERS* Strange... a spider can wake someone...

and a annoying fairy can´t? A bomb could wake someone! She just haved to touch him with something... you got some talent! ^^

Ryan094 responds:

Thanks man!

Spanish in the translator? Who did that voice?

I founded the easter egg: In the Cortana sprite scene (The violet girl) click of where she comes out, there is it.

I already knowed the guy in the motocycle was going to die by that tree XD

You should said that was going to be... you know.

Well, i know about it already, but you should explained it before! :( Anyway, i liked it, he haved a hard life... watch Jerry and the Closet, that was hard for him too! And the ending of that one makes relation to this one...

Too short, but funny.

The moment where the man got Owned. I hope you geta good score in your course! :D

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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