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Like you said, too short, but it worthed :)

Hope i can buy a Wii for this game to play! :D

And by the way, to MomoXD, what that has to do with emos? Is just that he sings terrible, or that´s what i understanded...

Thank god Admin, Hacker would ruined the server :o

Hacker will come back? That´s a interestin question for me...

Who thinked that Dumbass would make win the Terrorist Team?

Pure Awesomeness.

I don´t understand, your second flash, you got Daily Feature (Hope theres Weekly award for you :D ) and you have over of 4.60 score, you have some skills... WHERE DO YOU LEARN TO DRAW LIKE THAT? :o

Is just too short, but good...

Your girlfriend has some talent! :) But if you make a sequel, make him/her to escape from the Nursing Home for unknown reasons :P

Rapheus responds:

That's what I keep telling her, but she won't believe me. Ah, well. I was thinking of making a sequel.

WOW!!! FRIGGIN HEADSHOT! Look at the walls! (=P)

By the way, who was talking besides the one of the game (SETH´S IS GOING TO FUCKING EAT YOU) ?

Do you really have a scar in your eye? Anyway it was a real good animation, with a good concept :D

Dylawrence responds:

There's only Seth(AZN) Game voice(BRAD) and Dyn(Me) who talk... nobody else

And even though Dyn was based on how I look, I made him fit, and In a prequel I will show how his eyes are fuckered up :)

T4R(Thanks for Reviewing)

It was impossible, until i founded the Easter Egg

And for the car one, only for looking at the ramp you know that he isn´t going to go up :P

Rapheus responds:

2,000 pound car + Incorrectly angled ramp + Side of cliff = Me dead.

I think that one was the most fun to animate.

Hope this doesn´t gets off frontpage. :)

How many parts it will be? Anyway, it was long, good, and it had some humor. Only flaw i can see is the graphics, they lag a lot (I like to have it in high quality :D ) and i have a powerful computer...

Im recommending to Zombies Section :)

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Thanks, well I am looking at a second at least, depends on where I go with the second.

He leaved the pistol, that doesn´t haved bullets..

but the other has unlimited of them! :P Is not madness, but it would win a award in Madness Day 2008... who knows... give this animation a oportunity! :)

Loved it a lot as always :)

Just want to know... are you going to do number 3? :(

Tickets please...

Why is Wesker with all of this bananas? Only reason it don´t get 10 is because the Hunk´s minigame is glitched. You go playing, ok. But when nemesis is gonna get you (Nemesis wasn´t in RE2, or is he? ) you run off the screen and can´t get more score, just go pressing the -> arrow for get to the helicopter... and thats unfair... :(

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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