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Let me guess, you have ads for Dead Frontier...

brcause you used their zombie models?

Anyway, i liked the game, though it gets repetitive after a while, the weapons and the shortness of it keep it fresh enough to be able to finish it. Also, what an amount of bad luck this guy has o.O

This is the zombie game i ever thought about.

Its a very entertaining game, and its long too, you have a whole city to explore, you have 25 areas, with its 5 streets each.

I like the way to get clues, doesn't get you out of the gameplay.

I loved the different weapons, the melee ones aren't broken if you think that, you just don't have to be too near the zombie for it to die.

A question, is the shotgun different than the Combat Rifle? I mean, does it help against the Roach-In-Their-Back zombies?

It has a problem though, sometimes i don't know if theres a zombie at the end of the screen that i can't look at, and i get damaged by it when i reach the screen. Also i died when i entered another city, a zombie was at my face and killed me. You should of fix that :S

Also, you got some reports of the daughter being found in the first screens, that should be fixed too :P

Its a great game, i don't know what else to say, nice job!

Impossible to press Start. I pressed TAB, the...

Start didn't light up. Some stars for the Lols though =3

I didnt find any bugs, and i explored every bit...

...of it.

I love your animation style, (Note, STYLE) , though you should start to improve with the characters, start to draw more than sticks and a head on them.

The rest wasn't anything that could of been better, except for the fact that isn't too much of a game, it should of had more interactive parts, since you came up with that, but if that happened, the "Lots of Effort" Medal would of been way harder. =P

Very original with the PW part, suprised to see Phoenix still has his worked up hairstyle even on his stick version.

Hope to see more of your animations, they are a lot of fun to watch/play.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Nice review! I have many non-stick movies planned for the future, including a series :) But I feel that this series fits well as a stick figure. I realize it was still not very interactive, but I could've gone either way with the category.
Thanks again for the nice review!

The game lags when theres too many things...

...on screen, and believe me, i got a very nice computer. Also, after finishing the game, i tried again, but in the map screen the "Next" button didn't work, you should fix that =/ Though, its a fun game while it lasts.


* If you can't decide when to use a shield, or a EMP, use one when you see another pickup of them.

* When using the shields, run into the enemies, they will fall at your feet. (Or the ground, if you may. Also, obviously does not work on bosses.)

* The last gun to get, Sabobka, launches a rocket that turn into mini-rockets, though, this will not happen if it hits an enemy, launch it where there aren't any enemies, when it hits near the end of the screen, a missile mayhem appears.

* Use the guns all you can, one Ammo pickup will replenish your stock.

Good game, 7 and 4 Stars.

All it needs, is to be longer and have a quality..

button. It got laggy on Day 12, it was like fighting the monsters for not having any lag rather than the elevator shafts. Also it needs your character to be upgradeable, give it different weapons and upgrades to it.

Great game, I never really liked TD Games, but this one was pretty interesting.

Really fun game, hilarious story, but i founded...

some glitches:

First, if you get grabbed by a zombie and you push him, another one grabs you immediatly, and i can't get away from them and i die. I hate to see your character die and you can't do anything about it, the only thing you can hope, its that a exploding zombie comes to the horde and explodes on it. It saved me many times in the observatory xD

And second, if you pause the game and go to the Main Menu while its loading a level, the Main Menu stays with the loading screen as a background.

Really fun, but the first glitch putted the fun out of it zometimes :|

It needs an upgrade to let you downgrade the...

graphic quality, in another computer it lags when im at the last upgrade of the graphics. You know what i mean? (Low, medium and high)

Its a great game, but it gets kinda easy once you get the homing missiles... also the music should have its own upgrade, not go along with the graphics upgrade. Just some suggestions :D

Though its a pretty good game in itself...

It doesn´t have the feeling of Doom, what you can see when you enter a door, but its 2D, so its not a problem. The problem is that i can´t move when a enemy is "glued" to me, even if its attacking or not, and i can´t attack the skull heads while they are attacking me, until they get to the latitude of my gun, its pretty annoying.

Its pretty good none the less.

Challenging, but lots of fun!

With the Map Editor, the posibilities are endless. By the way, i like how Spewer looks like, but he gets a little scary later... :|

Heres my level:

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The only problem... is that i put the code in the output bar, since i can´t see a input one. I press test, and its just the level, you start with in the editor! Help?

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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