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When is part 3 gonna be ready?

I liked it a lot. Interesting story, and the interrogation makes it more original.

For the accidental one, he doesn´t needs to be below the tree, he "crashes" with the tree and he dies :P

This is the game Gold Miner, only that you...

Changed the skin of the miner, improved the graphics, and made it harder.

The concept is the same, but i gived you a five for the "improving"...

I liked it, but it was repetitive...

I would liked some kind of boss, or more stronger zombies, its just all the same.
And the end (If you can get to it because of the lag) its only "Game Over" "Return to Main Menu" like Infinity-Zero said, it would have a story, or other kind of ending...


· When youre wielding the shield, use "A" key for smash it against the Zombies.
· Stay in the center of the terrain, for don´t get surrounded.
· Remember to repair your shield after each level, it can save you. (It works)
· If you are full of health and a bottle of life comes out, don´t use it until you need it.

Thats all i can say. Good game!

I liked it, but it was only shooting, no score...

The yellow dudes looked like the Alien Hominid character :P


When i played Zombie Inglor i see Erik in it... but he haved a shotgun and he was dead... how he died exactly and how he get the shotgun?

AWESOME game! It is a lot of action to surf in...

the wall of doom! In trying to get the Dino Demos :)

Im going to try Multiplayer when i can :)

Good game! But i have a...

... question: Do you uploaded the game in other sites? Because i see it in a spanish one and this game seems to be submitted today! But the other site likes to stole games... i would say the address but thats spam :P

And, back to the game, i liked it, but it haves some bugs... for example the lag, my computer is a powerful one i can´t see the problem... im at the package mission right now, but with a guide i will pass it :)

I loled that i get a C, D, F and F and it gived...

me a A! WTF?

Im honest, i will die... :(

But, who has horses??? XD

Great game! Im a Elite Second Lieutenant...

But i have a few questions:

¿What is the use of money besides of buying Flash tutorials in Amazon.com?
¿Is there a way to don´t be banned in BBS?
¿Why read Flash tutorials gives too little exp in it? :(

And, from what i know, all you do in flashes are movies, only game flashes are Dress up games... (I unlocked to Parody´s)

This is longer than the original game! :(

Really, finish (Original) in less than 2 hours is not hard...

I was in the first time with the turrets and there i stucked :(

Excellent music, excellent game, but i founded...

glitches. Im mission 2, it takes too much to reload, and it happened that a soldier was behind Tom, i shoot the soldier but the one who received the bullet was Tom. :( In mission 3, when i killed a zombie, another one was behind it, when i shooted him it don´t die (Like Penguin100 already said) i haved to wait to the skull to fall down. And yes, it puts score down...

Now im trying to get the bronze medals for level 5... Excellent game anyway! :D

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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