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Tooooooo short...

I didn´t realized that i can use my Sword until i pressed Ctrl, you should put Instructions... what is the use for rupees? Why is Volvagia so easy? I mean really... facing a badass Fire Dragon coming towards you, but you just shove your sword on his face and... that´s it.

I would like to see a Full version, but, make it longer, not so easy, a use for rupees, Health, and a chance to use your shield.

By the way, theres a glitch with the platforms, if you can´t get into it, somehow Link gets "in" it, and with the hole in Volvagia battle, you can walk into the wall on there and you get on it.

robocopisback responds:

Ha-ha-ha!!! I know... The new version has 10 parts to each level.

Gets too repetitive after 10 minutes of gameplay..

You just kill hundreds of enemies with weapons you find, grab the guns they leave, kill people, repeat. What happened to the other modes? That´s what it made the last Arena good... sadly, the only thing that keeped me playing were the Medals...

By the way, the Artifact 19 is glitched, i got all the Medals (Except Divine Powers, of course) but i don´t know how to get the Artifact. I heard that it appears as a 3rd slot weapon in the next game after getting all the Medals, but i tried and it doesn´t work.

Kind of game i was hoping for :D

Really good game but i founded 2 glitches...

Not exactly a glitch, but the jump button doesn´t work, Space, isn´t it?

And i was at the Police HQ, and i hired Louis, but when it got hard, i hired Ivy, but when the level started, she got stuck... when i said to her "Follow" she just moved the feet but not moving, for Louis it keeped the same...

Anyways good game :D

toge-games responds:

Updated to ver 1.2 - waiting approval by NG staff

Amazing! Just that its too short...

You should do a Part 2 with all the previous enemies, but i mean including the 2 special enemies (The warrior and the Dodges Headshots Guy) a little more... they just appeared one time =\

Loved the game, loled at the end :P

xLite responds:

Thanks for the mention. I'll write it down.

Where you can find hearts? On my first...

playthrough, i founded them on every Pokemon i killed, but on the others i didn´t founded anyone... not even on any bush... (Sorry if i spell it wrong :P)

By the way, when i was on Sonic, you have to get to the door of your house (The one with the sword it is?) or ENTER to it then go to Sonic again?

Good game anyways, all you have to add is some checkpoints :-\

ThinXIII responds:

Yeah the hearts randomly appear only after killing enemies, they cannot be found in the bush.

In the sonic quest, just get to the door of the house and back to sonic to complete the quest. :)

Founded a glitch...

When trying to fight Mindchamber, he almost died, like less than 1/4 of life, he was at the other side of the arena, and i was at the other side, i noticed that i wasn´t hearing any of his voice, so i comed to check... he was gone! The only thing i could do was suiciding myself with bombs, i attacked randomly, but he didn´t come back :-\

Awesome game, just too hard... Castle Crashing the Beard is easy compared to this, add like a Lives system... or something to don´t make it too hard :D

I didn´t founded any lag...

Awesome, i played your Practice Stage game and i think this is a huge improvement, i can´t wait for the next version, or a sequel... it just was a little short... anyways, good game :D

Good game, its addictive and long

The only conplaint (Sorry if i spell it bad :P ) i have is that theres a little lag if you aim at the door of the pub and trying to get the aim of of it, you know, some bunnies get to the door, anyways, good game, loved the cutscenes :D

I heard of some people that just buyed CoD5 only..

because of this mode, im going to tell them about this :D Just got some suggestions:

Make the map tell you which barricades are destroyed, just by removing the little line that tells you that is a barricade.

This would take much work, but Multiplayer? Its ideal for this game, and from the game is based on ^^

I played on easy and i died at the 6th Wave :P Im kinda bad at this... but good game! :D

Could have some more weapons, the only thing...

restricted to Armor Games are the Spells, right? One of the bugs i founded was that with the Bone Wall Spell, the Undead Warriors (Friends) can pass through it without any problems... nothing stops them between their objective XD And another one that a Rune wasn´t extracted yet but with the Red lights off and it said: "Rune already extracted" But maybe was that i missed too much time and it got deactivated... anyways, Good game!

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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