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Through its pretty good, it gets boring after a...

while. It would need a save feature, it gets boring before you can get to the end. I liked the black and white ambientiation, it gone well with the music!

Just asking, but how many levels there is?

First game i see of this kind in NewGrounds...

(Not like i have much experience about NG >_<)

The music got me hooked through all the game, i was suprised when i heard the Hyrule Field song, good times. The animation, the sounds, i don´t know what to say. Only complaint i could say is that you should make some checkpoints, zombie Goku really putted me on the nerves, and i was playing in normal D: Well, i got to him in the first try, so i really can´t whine about it.

If theres a sequel, i will definitly play it (I hope your News Post isn´t lying :D)

I liked the art and the songs, SPECIALLY the songs

I didn´t finded any glitches at all, but Pico´s legs look like they are made of wood, not really a bad flaw, but he needs some shorts at least :P You deserved Pico Day 1st place Award, congrats!

And for those that want the medals:

Big Wet Juicy Kiss: In level 5, when you are on the last conveyor belt, drop down at the end of it, you will see some crates, destroy the first one, and there, you got it.

Twice the Fun: In level 8, at the start, you will see 2 conveyor belts, one, drops you down to the cart, if you go to the farthest one, continue until the end, and destroy the last crate, there is Darnell.

Meat is Murder: Get to the boss without killing any enemies.

Vulgar Display of Power: Not a hard one, kill all the kids at the first level.

Dude, its my Turn: Kill the kids at the arcade, and play their games. (Use E)

Through it was hard... (It took me 20 tries)

I finished it, if you are lucky and have Missile Spread, if you can keep with that, it gets easy. And, any reason the flamethrower and the Laser sucks? :P

Anyways, good game, you just need to have some strategy :D

Such a classic, why i didn´t reviewed it before?


Save the day: Finish the game.
Brutal: Kill Cyclops, and shoot him again.
Marc Summers: Clean the urinals (Turn the button on)
Overkill: After you defeated Alucard, shoot the chairs, and kill him.
Scat Man: Go to the Boys bathroom, and open the bottom door, and continue with the dialog like 100 times.
Tap That: Use the... fountain in the bathroom. (Im spanish >.<)
Bruckheimer: Shoot the barrel that says "Flammable" in Cassandra´s fight.

Hope it helped!

And... is it me or was Pico... playing with himself at the beggining of the last scene?

Finally, its here!

Good, even better, than the last one.

The game got a little easier now that you fixed the AI, but it got me thinking with some enemies, like the (SPOILERS!) Cockroach, and the Bunny, so cute, but so hard :P (SPOILERS END HERE)

Now lets continue from where i left on...

Good like the last one, and better, but...

There isn´t really any changes from the last one, and it gets boring fast if you played the 2nd game, still good anyway.

By the way, isnt the Steyr AUG a L85A1? I was kinda confused by that xD

Loved the music, and the gameplay, only complaint

...is that it was too short... theres something more epic than Beam-firing Dinosaurs? :P You need to make a sequel :D

casey maybe was referring to the Whale-Escape...

part. Use up to jump (From rocks and to get the fruit) and down to crouch (Avoiding pointy ices from the ceiling)

It was good, cute pinguin, nice changes between levels, i just wish it was longer... 2nd part for next Christmas? :)

And yes, responding to your 8th paragraph, yes, i want 2nd part =D

OctoFlash responds:

:D thanks man! i really don't know if i'll make the second part although i've already made up a really great story... at first i decided not to make a second part for next xmas but since i recently got my new tablet, i'll think about it again.. :]

Through the beggining looked awesome enough...

It was all just a prank... i admit it, you fooled with me, but it has potential for a real game, even with the little things you said at the 2nd paragraph.

Well, there always should be April Fools pranks, isn´t it? Just do a real game, if you want to of course. ;)

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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