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To TheBananaBoy, you can know the code at the...

...start of the level, look at the left of the stair where you begin.

To DanBlack, play the full version at www.stickpage.com

This game was good like the other ones, but it changed too much...

Want some more sniping! :(

Very good game! I keep dying, but you can revive..

and the lives are unlimited, the tanks are a pain in the ass, but with one grenade you put them out :)

Got the muffin, will try insanity mode! :)

I lose health too before the level starts... :(

The last level was the more difficult one, you never know what is the right muffin..

Great game! Tip: Put packages in center of base :P

Im at like day 10, only spiders and zombies come, is lol that they attack the base and don´t want to eat me, or they attack the turrets, but the health of them doesn´t goes down! But anyway, i don´t have to be annoying for that :P Good game! :)

Finished it... for first time!

I played it in minijuegos.com and i was like 8 years :P I don´t knowed it was from here! I thinked the frag was my lose... but i tried it and it saved my life :) And for the uzi... it has to be automatic! It just haves a single shot option? :(

To Rapid-D, it happened to me too :)

It was just a little easy... but when you know how to do all the levels, you can do a "speedrun" for get the best score... how other get like 176000 points? I get like 1500! :(

Very good, i get to the bomb but i can´t defuse it

Maybe the graphics can be changed... and amybe more larger game, anyway great game!

Good as the first one and the second one :)

Im playing the MMO a quite ago :P Im a scientist :D
And finally we have a goal not just kill :)

Is good, but it gets a little repetitive

It would have been better if you should jump in another places, like a a snowing mountain, and you can play when you go to the ground, not go to ground, then magically jump to another helicopter... maybe you can do this kind of game with a storyline, jumping from the helicopter, then going to a facility (Of course, the facility is part of the storyline) , get some information of the objective, then going to the extraction point, killing enemies with other helicopters behind you.
This is just a idea for a game of this like... and this remembers me a lot from Metal Slug. Anyway great game! :D

Liked it like the first one but heres a little...

glitch. When im in Janestown, (Or whatever is called) THERE NO FREAKING WAY I CAN´T PASS IT! Its not for difficult, something bad happens every time i want to get to the last city... today my computer gived the blue screen :( In another day, i get to Night 22 (In Janestown too) and i finished the level, but the screen to search houses and stuff don´t appeared, and i get stuck at shooting screen D: Anyway great game... will try again now... :(

I AM still here, i come to get my XP everyday :P EDIT: 09/08/2014 Not gonna get any XP anymore. Pretty much worthless, and it's a waste of time. I am more active in my Twitch or Youtube accounts.

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